Kappen für Joystick, Analogstick, erhöht und rutschfest, für PS4, PS3, Switch Pro, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS2, 8er-Packung

Perfect Part - Kompatibel mit: ps4, ps3, xbox 360, switch pro, Xbox One, Wii U, PS2. Schnellmontage auf neuen oder bereits benutzen Analogsticks. Konkaver linker stick für Halt und Komfort, verringert die Ermüdung der Hand und Daumen. Aus schwarzem Silikon. 8 x joystick-Kappen wie abgebildet, ohne Controller.

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4 Pack Xbox One New - Trigger Treadz: Special Ops

iMP Gaming XB1SPEOPS - Made from a hi-grade silicon rubber, these trigger grips include a grip for both your left and right controller triggers. Trigger treadz gives you improved grip on controller triggers enhancing gameplay. So the next time, when the going gets tough. Get trigger treadz!features: unique patent pending design attach to your controller triggers for vastly improved grip Includes 2 pairs of Trigger Treadz 4 In Total 2 different designs - Racing Rubber and All Terrain - to suit your gaming style Made from hi-grade 3M silicon rubberPlease note: The controller is NOT included.

Gamers, save your game right now! For we have the most crucial weapon that can help you defeat any game!Now, we all know gaming gets intense. With two different designs to suit every gamers play style out there; all terrain and combat rubber. There's nothing worse than preparing yourself to score a vital goal, finishing off that end-of level boss or taking your friend down with a headshot, only to be on the receiving end because your finger slipped off the trigger!Well now you can literally get a grip in the heat of combat!Take a look at this amazing Trigger Treadz grips for Xbox One and PS4 controllers in a unique orange Special Ops Edition.

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